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  • New Teddy Afro’s single videoing in Debremarkos

    A video clip for “Seblewengel”, one of the songs on Teddy Afro’s new album, is videoing in Debremarkos Gojjam. Teddy Afro will not however be a video shot on the clip, according to reports.

    Seblewengel song has written based on Haddis Alemayehu’s character of “Fikir Eskemekabir” or “Love Until Death” long novel, according to one of the music composers.

    Meanwhile, according to media reports, the upcoming album also consists melodies about Ertale (volcano area in the Afar region) and Baro River of Gambella. Teddy Afro’s “Ethiopia” album debut will have 12 songs.

    Reports also claimed that his wife Amleset Muchie and Agent Getachew Manguday are looking for a potential buyers for the album, which is expected to cost 10 million Birr ” However, the singer and song writer will not release his album unless the six months state of emergency in the country is lifted in April,” sources close to the singer disclosed.

    Kayne West Studio, among the most famous for recording celebrities’ melodies has already taken recording Teddy’s songs, while composing role is the responsibility of Music Composer Abel Pawlos.

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  • The Bad Result Of Too Much Sitting And Its Dangers

    The Bad Result Of Too Much Sitting And Its Dangers


    Numerous people spend their days in front of the computer, and this habit is extremely harmful and poses a great health risk.


    It damages the spine, weakens the heart, leads to obesity, diabetes, decelerates the blood flow, increases cholesterol levels, and might lead to cancer.


    According to statistics, 80% of the Americans use the Internet on a daily basis, and at least 90% of the households own at least a computer. Experts claim that the number of PC users is rising by 10 million annually.


    They also add that 40% of patients have back pain issues as a result of bad sitting posture and the prolonged use of computers.


    Numerous people work jobs which force them to sit for most of the time and 8 hours in front of the PC. This is extremely harmful to children, as they develop damaged spines, kyphosis and scoliosis.


    Children start to play video games since a young age, and this leads to a great damage of their development.


    Researchers have found that sitting in front of the computer for 2 hours daily increases the risk of spine, neck, and joint damage.

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