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  • Bizarre theory suggests Donald Trump was born in PAKISTAN

    Before he was adopted and taken to America when his parents died in a car accident Trump was born in Pakistan according to the  News.

    A bizarre claim that Donald Trump was born in Pakistan before being adopted and taken to America has emerged online.

    Pakistani news channel Neo News ran an extraordinary report suggesting that the President-elect was born as Dawood Ibrahim Khan in Waziristan in 1946.

    Viewers immediately ridiculed the story, which was aired on Neo News last month before the election but has recently re-surfaced. 

    In the news report, the presenter claims: 'Believe it or not, Presidential candidate Donald Trump was born in Pakistan and not in America.' 

    The news channel also showed a picture of a young blond boy, which they claimed was a young Trump in Pakistan. 

    The bizarre theory is that Trump was taken to London by a British-Indian army captain, after his birth parents died in a car accident, before being adopted and taken to America in 1955. 

    Social media users took to Twitter to mock the news report.

    One person tweeted: 'Seriously!????!!! . Pakistani news channel claims Trump was born in Pakistan !!! Seriously ????'

    Another said 'This is insane', while one person simply added: 'Lol... Pakistani media is reporting Donald Trump was born in Pakistan!'  

    A series of unfounded tweets appear to be have been behind the report, with one person suggesting that Trump had been born into a Muslim family.

    Prior to standing for President, Trump himself had for months fueled conspiracy theories over whether Barack Obama was born in the US, and thus eligible to be president. 

    An exasperated Obama called this nonsense and held a press conference in 2011 to show off his birth certificate, which stated that he was born in Hawaii.  

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  • Ethiopia to mark Int'l Day for Tolerance next week

    The Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT) announced yesterday that it has finalized preparations for the holding of the International Day for Tolerance in Dessie, Amhara Regional State.

    The nationwide celebration is scheduled to take place from November 23 to 24, 2016 under the motto: Enhancing our values of cultural tolerance.

    Ministry Public and International Relations Director, Gezahegn Abate told ENA that the day is celebrated annually in order to inherit the value of tolerance to the coming generation.

    Celebrating the day before the Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Day will have significant contribution to the consolidation of values of tolerance among the society, the director added.

    Its also supports the endeavor to create a society that has a consensus in building a democratic system, he further pointed out.

    According to Gezahegn, tolerance is the key value that enables nations, nationalities and peoples to live in unity with diversity.

    Researches on value of tolerance the country possesses will be presented; and consultations on tolerance in ideas and outlook differences are also going to be made, the director stated.

    The International Day for Tolerance is celebrated on the 16th of the Ethiopian month Hidar. The day is being celebrated in Ethiopia for the 7th time and for the 20th time globally.

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