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Guide for men to Last Longer In Bed


1. Relax and be positive: Approaching 5ex with confidence, self respect, and a positive attitude rather than fear and self-doubt can make all the difference for both you and your partner.

2. Cut down on alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Using these substances in excess may interfere with your ability to control ejaculation

3. Don't skip foreplay. Studies have shown that couples that indulge in foreplay report having 5ex for longer than those who don't Instead of getting right down to business, take some time to cuddle, kiss, touch one another, and so on

4. Change positions often. This can shift your attention. Plus, exploring different sexual positions can make sex more exciting and ensure that both partners are satisfied

5. Try to distract yourself. If you find yourself getting too excited during 5ex, try to distract yourself from how turned on you are by thinking about something completely unrelated to the situation, like work or school.

6. Take slow, deep breaths. Many men find that breathing slowly and deeply during 5ex can help them last longer. This can be attributed to the fact that breathing helps us relax.

7. Let her be in control. The person who is in control is usually the one experiencing most of the pleasure; letting her be in control can help decrease some of the sensitivity you feel.

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