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Inside a Trump Chinese shoe factory: 100,000 pairs of footwear branded with Ivanka’s name have been made at huge facility (but now it’s moving to Africa!)

  • Donald Trump has railed at politicians for allowing US manufacturing jobs to be moved abroad to China
  • But 100,000 pairs of shoes bearing his daughter Ivanka’s name have been made in Dongguan, China
  • The Huajian company is now moving production to Africa because labor there is evencheaper
  • It can employ five Ethiopians at its factory near Addis Ababa for the price of one Chinese worker

Donald Trump has pledged to bring long-lost American manufacturing jobs back from China.

But he may be too late – even for products that bear his family name.

A Chinese company that makes shoes for his daughter’s fashion line is moving production to Africa, where labor is much cheaper.

Workers on a production line at the Huajian factory in Dongguan, southern China, where Ivanka Trump-branded shoes have been made over the years

Night-shift workers at the Huajian shoe factory, where about 100,000 pairs of Ivanka Trump-branded shoes have been made over the years, in Dongguan, south China

The billionaire tycoon has frequently accused China of stealing US jobs through unfair trade practices and currency manipulation, while simultaneously relying on the country to make Trump-branded goods.


But the kind of work that goes into making such products may never return to America, says the president of major footwear producer Huajian Group.

Zhang Huarong, speaking in his office in the southern factory hub of Dongguan, said: ‘Some manufacturers can’t even survive in China any more.’

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